The Widening Gyre

I come bearing gifts.  I own, in my possession, the rare ability to think without clarity, realize it, and act on it anyway.  My gift to you, ideally you actually exist, is the ability to express my lack of clarity articulately and with alacrity.  I also like hockey, and will talk about that when the situation calls for it (probably more often than my alarmingly unalarming life, actually).


As a gift to me, I give myself this blog.  I need to broaden my horizons, and more importantly I need to write.  At one time, in the long long ago (5 years ago), in the far far away (the bedroom down the hall that used to be mine), I wanted to be a writer.  I even wrote somewhat regularly.  I don’t know if I wrote well, but I wrote.  Now, I write about as often as the Chicago Cubs win playoff games.  P.S. I used to be a Cubs fan.  Now I hate baseball.  Weird, right?


As I said, ideally you are actually out there, existing, enjoying my blog, sharing my mind, and much more faux-poetic nonsense that I have to save for another time.  One can’t waste all of one’s F-material on an introduction post.  Hopefully, the general population of yous will grow over time and I will enjoy this writing thing and keep at it.  Occasionally, I have something worthwhile to say.  So stick around.  Or don’t.  Other blogs might have blackjack and hookers.

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